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Patrick Henry High School5

Ashland, VA | Hanover County

December 2, 2014

We have heard nothing but great about this school. The parents are very active and the programs are great!

Submitted by a parent

December 2, 2014

This school is great! Many of the students go on to very nice colleges and do very well. The student to teacher ratio is low compared to many schools!

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September 22, 2014

I moved from the best schools in Henrico to live in a small town. My daughters made a very smooth transition. The school offered many activities which both took advantage of which at the school. One was very artistic and the other more sporty. Both enjoyed their experience. One has her PHD and the other working in a very nice position after achieving tops in her university at the University of Richmond. They both took AP and IB classes. Great school would recommend it to anyone.

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April 1, 2014

I recieve a high quality education. Personally, I'm in the IB program. The IB at PH is great with one of the best programs around. While many people will complain about the facility of the school be old(over 50 years old) the quality of the education recieved massively outweights the negatives of an older building! There is a reason why Hanover County has consistently had a top notch education system, they know that education isn't all about facility looks and high government spending, (like in the adjacent Henrico County.) PH is a well-deserving 5-star school.

January 30, 2013

Patrick Henry provides a quality education for all students. The opportunties are there for sucess. I would not hesitate to recommend this school. While they do need to improve the math department, the overall scores were as good and better in some areas than other county schools. Most of the parents are pleased with the education their children are receiving, and there are abundant extracurricular activities to keep the kids interested. The IB program is top notch.

Submitted by a parent

January 21, 2013

The school is falling apart. A few teachers have left due to sinus trouble from mold spores in the ceiling due to the combination of a flat roof and rain. There are bugs everywhere, dirt on the floor, chewing tobacco in the water fountains and on the walls, and just an overall feeling of uncleanliness. The supplies such as textbooks are severely outdated, many past the "adoption level", and some textbooks even the teachers have learned from. The school uses old computers which use Windows XP, a nearly 12 year old operating system, and even overhead projectors. Many teachers have been cut due to monetary issues, so class sizes have been severely raised. However, it's easy to see why these teachers have been cut. Many "teach" by using slideshows taken straight off of the internet or videos made by someone else. They read straight off of these slideshows or just sit back and let the video play. They even get their tests off the internet as well. Recently, due to the shooting in Connecticut, Patrick Henry has decided that it must take precautions in case of an event like this. Every door is locked, which is a big inconvenience, and all of the windows have shades. It feels like a jail.

Submitted by a student

October 28, 2012

My daughter graduated from PH not long ago. We had moved from an incredibly competitive school where she was in all AP classes; I thought only private school would offer the same challenging courses. We were so pleased that PH offered every class she needed and wanted for the AP degree, but also - because the school offered many varied programs and didn't push all students to AP as her prior school had - that her classes had anywhere from 7 to 22 students - an excellent environment. PH recognized so much varied potential in students aside from pushing all students in one, 4 year college prep direction, as we had experienced. Dedicated, approachable, caring teachers and a varied curriculum from which to choose, together recognize and foster the varied gifts and learning styles of students. Our and our daughter's experience was excellent in all respects, and PH thoroughly prepared her for success after high school.

Submitted by a parent

July 24, 2010

i been at patrick henry high school .The kids are so mean .I been made fun of a lot .It is the worst school ever . I don't care about that school anymore

Submitted by a student

February 25, 2009

As a former student, I can say I recieved an excellent education at PH. I was accepted into all of the colleges I applied for, as well as recieving a full ride to the university which I chose to attend. PH had many opprotunities for students to become involved, offered AP and IB courses and extracurriculars as well. I felt all my teachers were personally invested in my education, and that I could go to them with any concerns. The physical facility of the school may be somewhat run down, but the education within was definately priceless.

Submitted by a student

January 17, 2008

When my family relocated to the Richmond area from Fairfax County in northern Virginia, we left a nationally ranked high school thinking we would have no choice but private school. Do not believe for one minute that they do not offer advanced opportunities at Patrick Henry! My daughter made a completely lateral move from the honors program in northern Virginia to a 5.0 and AP regimen at Patrick Henry, earning many college credits through successful scores on AP exams, acceptance at the great Virginia universities, and the highest merit scholarship of over $50,000 to her private college. We credit, and thank greatly, Patrick Henry for providing opportunities and encouragement for her success, tremendous faculty and leadership, and all of this in an atmosphere that was NOT the pressure cooker of northern Virginia. Any student should thrive here!

Submitted by a parent

May 24, 2007

In contrast to what was stated in previous reviews, Patrick Henry has plenty of honors classes, including a full IB program. They also offer several languages - my daughter is in her 5th year of French and has learned enough to be accepted into a first rate French program at university next year. True, the building may be falling apart, but that is because the county won't pay for repairs. The leadership and teaching staff, however, are excellent.

Submitted by a parent

April 21, 2007

The cafeteria runs out of food on a daily basis. There aren't any honor classes and very few APclasses. There isn't a very wide selection of electives and languages are scarce as well. This school is falling apart.

Submitted by a parent

November 22, 2004

My son's geometry teacher made a mistake in averaging his grade in this class. How do you explain to a 16 year old that his math teacher has problems in averaging grades?

Submitted by a parent

June 2, 2004

I am a teacher at Patrick Henry High School and a father of four children. My wife and I chose to move into the area because of the high level of leadership and excitement that is present at this school. It has the strongest Language program in the region. Within the school, it is apparent that the students are the center of instruction. The clubs are very active in the community and the teachers love to educate young minds. I am looking forward to a life long career at Patrick Henry High School.

Submitted by a teacher

March 19, 2004

Patrick Henry was the best years of my life. From over crowded hallways to teachers who really care about you if you care about yourself and your grades. The extracurricular activities introduced me to a world of opportunites. You could be in band and a flute like me or you can play football for the school. What ever you do here is fun and will allow you to excell. Over all Patrick Henry is the best school in the world.

Submitted by a student

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